Dog's Play Training, Day Camps, and Behavior School

Julie Hughes

Founder, Owner,  Trainer of Dog's Play Training

Julie is a board-certified behavior consultant and a certified dog trainer. She has worked with thousands of dogs and felines in and out of the shelter.  Her passion has always been focused on the broken, neglected, and under-socialized dogs in shelters. All of her master agility and trick dogs were once shelter dogs. 

Building Teamwork and Relationships

Julie has worked training animals most of her life and is an intuitive, skilled handler. 

A great communicator, Julie has taught hundreds of families their animal's love language & how to talk with their canines to achieve lifelong results. She has spent much of her life taking classes and teaching classes, as well as learning from others, to understand animal behavior better.

Julie specializes in helping canines successfully navigate their way through the often overlooked day-to-day tasks.

She has trained dozens of service dogs for various agencies in addition to the private sector. Julie's other accolades include Master Level Agility, Elite Trick Star Status, as well as Certified Evaluator of AKC Agility, Puppy Star, CGC, and AKC Trick Dog.

Providing balanced training for positive results in the lives of our beloved canine learning partners and the families that love them. 

Train in Comfort

Training is available year round at Dog's Play.  We proudly provide a private training room featuring full climate control and a state of the art soft-padded floor.

Take advantage of  our shady grounds built around the comfort and safety of your canine. We have a full service agility field as well as a swim tank for conditioning. We offer compassionate science-based training using the latest compassionate techniques, and are happy to help families with basic training as well as problematic behaviors. Uniquely qualified, we are committed to problem solving to help you have a full and committed relationship - building a beautiful bond between dog and handler.

With tons of toys, obstacles, and tools, this is heaven for anyone wishing to teach an old or young dog some new tricks.

Shady Acres

The beautiful campus is shaded, fully fenced in, and provides amenities such as regulation agility equipment, a conditioning pool, and a jungle gym! Dog's Play also features a beautiful garden and is considered a butterfly safe-haven.


10730 NE 110th Ave
Archer, FL


[email protected]

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