Class Schedule Overview
*All Classes Require Registration, Agreements/Vaccinations, & RSVP via email* 
Class times are subject to change based on trainer availability.
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[email protected]
Day Camp, Board/Train, General Boarding
Available 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year


6:15 PM - AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
7:30 PM - AKC Canine Good Citizen

Board/Train & Gen Boarding - 24/7/365


6:15 PM - Beginner Agility
7:30 PM - Intermediate Agility

Board/Train & Gen Boarding - 24/7/365


No Classes Offered


10:00AM - Focus
6PM - Out and About 

Board/Train & Gen Boarding - 24/7/365 


No Classes Offered

Board/Train & Gen Boarding - 24/7/365 


9:30 AM - Public Manners at Out and About
10:45 AM - Advanced Obedience or Trainer's Choice!
**Subject to Change Based on Availability*

Board/Train & Gen Boarding - 24/7/365 

Dog Obedience Training , Agility, Trick Dog, Public Access, Reactive Dog, & Other Class Options Overview

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

Puppy Kindergarden, Puppy Obedience

Open to pups one year or less. Super fun and a great building block for your dog's young mind and learning fun obedience skills that work with your puppy. Social time for pups that like it and fun, fun, fun for your young growing busy body. 

Basic Obedience

Foundations, AKC Canine Good Citizen

This class is the foundation for which we build on everything else. You must take this class if you are new, unless you have a puppy or have proof of a passed AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC). CGC will be assessed at the end of this class, by Master Trainer, Julie Hughes. This class is also a gateway to earning additional AKC titles. 


Beginner & Intermediate

This class is open to all dogs who have completed any of our regular classes, or who have their CGC. All levels are welcome but special emphasis is placed on the basics. 

AKC Trick Dog

AKC Trick Dog

This class is a blast and will strengthen your bond with your dog. AKC Trick titles and awards will be assessed at the end of the class. So much FUN! Titles and video movies of your tricky canine are available featuring Fido as the star of the show! This class is open to all who have previously completed one of our basic classes, or their dog has earned CGC. 

Public Manners

Manners and Obedience, AKC Community Canine/Urban Canine Good Citizen

Out and about, walk about and obedience with your pup.  This class is offered off-campus as we will go to different locations for group practice in novel situations. A lot of fun outside, while at a good distance from crowds. Earn your AKC Community Canine  (AKC Urban) with these lessons. Help your canine work on Public Access while they learn calming behavior in stressful environments.  

Service Dog

Beginner, Intensive, & Private Consult

This is the cornerstone of who we are at Dog’s Play. Complete task training and help with the legalities and obedience required to get the very best out of your service dog team. Dozens of happy service dog teams working around the country in a beautiful partnership. Psychiatric tasking is my specialty along with mobility work.  

AKC Rally

Obedience, Connection

Rally is a fun sport that works on obedience and the handler dog bond. It is good for beginners and well trained dogs! 


The next step of your training begins with this class. Focus expert Julie Hughes will lead this class to a deeper more emotional connection with your canine partner. 

Board and Train

Puppy Kindergarten, Obedience, Service Dog, & More!

We now have board and train capabilities! We can work on any kind of training including sports, basic obedience, socialization, service dogs and behavior modification. Our field trips and day camps are usually sold out so please plan to book in advance.  

Private Consult

One-on-One Training

Get one on one help with training in or out of the show ring. Sharpen your skills while all the attention is on you and your pup! These sessions can be done in your home or at our facility. All reactive dogs are asked to take a private first so we can properly access behavior and what kind of help your dog will need.

Reactive Dog

 Contact Us for More Info

Master Trainer, Julie, is the only board-certified dog behavior consultant within 100 miles of Gainesville, Florida.

 She has worked with thousands of dogs and felines in and out of the shelter. Her passion has always been focused on the broken, neglected, and under-socialized dogs in shelters. All of her master agility and trick dogs were once shelter dogs. 

Handler & Canine Fitness

AKC Fit Dog - Level 1 (coming soon)

Tuck sit, Nose touch, Front paw targeting, Shake a paw, Cookie stretch, Kick back stand, Spin left/right, Fold back down, Cavaletti poles, & Pivot rear legs. Do all of these things sound like fun? In the handler and canine fitness class, you will learn all of these behaviors with your canine as well as some parkour moves with your dog. Lastly, we will discuss nutrition and conditioning for the canine athlete.

Tiny Dog Playgroup

Hang out with some Tiny Dogs!

Bring your tiny dog to socialize with other small dogs! This class is perfect for those who feel overwhelmed by classes where their tiny dog is much smaller than those around them. This class is held on campus at Dog's Play, and times vary weekly. 

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Training, day camp, and long-term boarding is available year round at Dog's Play! Take advantage of our air conditioned, padded-floored training room and our shady grounds built around the comfort and safety of your canine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Bring For Class?

Bring a treat pouch or apron with room for different proteins. Use Ziploc bags to separate your proteins. You can prepackage and freeze during the week. Lots of soft treats, such as: Hotdog cut into bite-size pieces, soft commercial treats in small pieces, fresh protein like beef or chicken, or soft commercial food cut into small squares. You should also have a six-foot leather, biothane, rope, or nylon leash in good repair. Absolutely NO "Flexi-Leads" or poo bags hanging from your leash on campus.

Where's the Class Schedule?

Each week, we publish our class schedule in our Weekly Newsletter. You can subscribe to our Newsletter HERE.

Do I Need to Schedule to Attend Classes?

It's preferred that you schedule in advance by emailing us at [email protected]

However, we do offer some "drop-in" classes throughout the week. Those classes are listed in our Weekly Newsletter.

What Last Minute Things Should I Know Prior to Class?

Do not feed your dog a meal right before class. They need to be a little hungry for all the tasty treats! Do not bring any female dogs who are in-season to class. Please check with Julie for rescheduling. This is for the safety of all of our students, including yours! For nervous dogs, bring a towel or blanket from home. For pulling dogs, a Martingale collar and front closing harness work well. Clip the collar and martingale together in the front to give you more control. Bring your "YES"to reward your dog. "YES" is a marker word we use to let your dog know they performed the correct behavior.

Absolutely NO open-toed shoes. No flip flops sandals, or heels. This is for everyone's safety.

What Payments Do We Accept?

Paypal: [email protected]

Venmo: @Julie-Hughes-121 (0160)


Exact cash in an envelope upon arrival. Please label with handler's name and canine's name, along with class name.

What's Required to Get Started?

Print and complete the Dog Training Services Contract and bring with you to class.

Print and complete the Hold Harmless, Wavier, and Assumption of Risk Contract

Email [email protected] or text 772-631-0160 to confirm the day/time you'll attend group classes, a private consult, or other boarding/training services.

**If requesting a Board and Train, please complete the additional Board and Train Form and Medication Forms.

On-Campus Class Rates
ᐅ Drop-in classes $25 - Additional class in the same week $20

ᐅ Private sessions: Please inquire for pricing
Excellent option for people who want to have a behavior plan for your dog whether you have a puppy or reactive canine, the training session lets you leave with a plan and start to a journey with your dog's wellness, wholeness and integrating into your family. We are here to help you build a safe, happy, and trusting relationship with your canine, regardless of your ability.

Available Merchandise
ᐅ Puppy Class Workbook $10
ᐅ Dog's Play Tee Shirts $25
ᐅ New Title Ribbons $10 (must be earned! 😉) 
ᐅ AKC Titles, ribbons, and medals are purchased and paid for separately through AKC. Dog's Play does not collect payment for these rewards, and they are optional.

Payments Accepted
ᐅ Paypal: [email protected]
ᐅ Venmo: @Julie-Hughes-121 (0160)
ᐅ Check
ᐅ Exact cash in an envelope

Dog's Play Main Campus Location

10730 NE 110th Ave
Archer, FL



Email - please allow 24 hours for response

[email protected]

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