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We offer compassionate training with positive results for families and Fido.

Julie Hughes is the only board-certified behavior consultant within 100 miles. Dog's Play is the only full service facility in the area that is uniquely qualified to handle problematic behaviors.

From house soiling to growling, from reactivity to pulling, Julie has compassionately modified the problematic behaviors of many pets just like yours.

Julie and the Dog's Play team are skilled, devoted, and passionate about delivering positive, balanced results. Contact us now and get the help you need and your canine family member deserves.

Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA)

LIMA describes behavior consultant who uses the least intrusive, minimally aversive strategy out of a set of humane and effective tactics likely to succeed in achieving a training or behavior change objective.

LIMA adherence also requires consultants to be adequately educated and skilled in order to ensure that the least intrusive and aversive procedure is used.

LIMA does not justify the use of punishment in lieu of other effective interventions and strategies. In the vast majority of cases, desired behavior change can be affected by focusing on the animal's environment, physical well-being, and operant and classical interventions such as differential reinforcement of an alternative behavior, desensitization, and counter-conditioning.

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