At Dog's Play run jump and sit happens, providing balanced training for positive results in the lives of our beloved canine learning partners and the families that love them. 

Julie Hughes


Founder and owner of Dog's Play behavior practice.

Julie is a board-certified behavior consultant and a certified dog trainer. She has worked with thousands of dogs and felines in and out of the shelter.  Her passion has been the broken, neglected and under socialized dogs in shelters. All of her master agility and trick dogs were once shelter dogs. 

She has worked training animals most of her life and is an intuitive skilled handler. Also a great communicator, she has taught 100's of folks how to talk to their canine and achieve life long results.  
She is passionate and has spent her life working at understanding animal behavior, and helping canines in particular live in a human world very successfully. She has trained dozens of service dogs for different agencies and the private sector. 

Her other accolades include Master level agility, Elite Trick Star status and is certified by AKC in Agility, puppy star, CGC, tricks and Public Access training as well as temperament testing.